Where are we now? Project Update -Team GOAL

The past few week Team G.O.A.L has been hard at work to improve the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center's Mentorship Program by becoming more passionate on the subject and making steps to find resources for returning mothers that are dependent on the APRC and their resources. Click Here to watch our update video.

Turbulence and Tiny Steps-Bunmi O.

Team G.O.A.L has been working hard these past few weeks getting quite a few things straight, and planning for the future while also moving forward. That being said, a lot of it has been establishing what exactly our problem is, what we are doing to help, why it is important, and who we are helping.... Continue Reading →

The More You Research, The More You Know – Truc.L

       As we wait for feedback and suggestions from our partner organization [Austin Pregnancy Resource Center], our team (G.O.A.L) began researching on areas such as Nutrition, Housing, Employment, Education, Health (mental and physical), Citizenship, Governmental Benefits, and Safe Places (for domestic violence and LGBTQ issues). Through a random selection, I got to research... Continue Reading →

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