Neon Shield Apparel Re-Design by Libertad E.

As the OCD Specialist for Neon Shields this past week or so after the SXSW Education Conference, when not filming for Adina (our Kickstarter Video Director) I have been dedicating my time to redesigning our Neon Shields Apparel. In my last blog post I discussed the importance of having shirts, its effective marketing, creates bonding... Continue Reading →

Neon Shields Apparel by Libertad E.

Many of our followers (yes, all two of you) know that Neon Shields is currently developing a multi purpose flashlight. Many of you know our flashlight by multiple names: “flashlight” and “insert name here”. As we have started marketing preparations it has come to our attention that an object named “Flashlight” is not exactly eye... Continue Reading →

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