The Not-So Memorable Ways to Give Birth -Sophie W.

I am finding that the further I read into Get Me Out, the more amazed I become with all of the changes and discoveries that were made in order to get to our modern day childbirth. Especially as the book got into the mid 1900's I was intrigued by the excessive use of drugs and the... Continue Reading →

Hormones and Other Things (Blog #2)-Celeste o.

“They knew that women were mere puppets controlled by hormonal swings” (page 101). Often when women are mad or sad, men say it’s the hormones or that time of the month. Yes, sometimes our sudden change in mood can be caused by hormones but in a new Stanford study, Dr. Henderson says that data does... Continue Reading →

Model Knee Coming Along -Isabella A.

Overall I feel like our group, "ReJoint" has made significant progress in not only finishing the knee joint model but also thinking of questions to ask our potential customers along with ideas on how to improve already existing products for our problem. Like I mentioned first, our group has just finished making some final touches... Continue Reading →

Paint Brings Troubles- Lourdes Cruz

Well we've finally started moving forward in our restroom re design. We were really hopeful for trying to finish all or at least more of the restrooms. We sat down and actually re did our calculations because Ms. Miesner advised us that we wouldn't need fourteen gallons of paint like we originally though. We re-did... Continue Reading →

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