Getting to Know the Unknown-Emma W.

  In the time between this blog post and the last, my partner, Story, and I have moved forward in finding solutions to our current problem; our partner organization, the Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite, does not know who or how many outreach advocates the Local Health Departments in Texas are working with and do not have... Continue Reading →

All That Is In Between-Emma W.

Most of you will generally know this; if you have sex at the right time, you might get pregnant. If you do, you wait nine months before experiencing the worst pain in your life, childbirth. But nobody really asks, “What’s in between?” What physically happens in the body throughout pregnancy, or what do you have... Continue Reading →

Revision & Prospect of Rejoin Inc. Shana F

With endlessly enthusiasm and indefatigable determination, ours the Rejoint Inc. Company has started from the bottom to contribute to the medical industry of protective device of knee joint. Within three weeks of productive team-work, we have stridden the first step of our long and challenging journey which is the finished knee joint model. Because our... Continue Reading →

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