Cold, Hard Proof of Concept – Annalise Irby

This week, JetSet divided into two distinct teams, to better tackle our many requirements for the upcoming midterm presentation. The Biomed team, Anjali M. and Isha P., were responsible for creating our Powerpoint presentation; they also gathering photos and images from our blog posts to create a complementary visual display (read more about their adventures... Continue Reading →

Can We Build it Now? – Erin Simons

Last week JetSet completed the second leg of their journey towards creating a market-ready product. While the deadline for design proposals was pushed back to this coming Wednesday, JetSet used their time wisely and was ready to turn in their proposal last Thursday for five extra credit points (JetSet’s members are suckers for extra credit).... Continue Reading →

Time for Take-off – Annalise Irby

We have finally finished and submitted our 24 page (!) design proposal. I feel very professional but also slightly terrified, because all of our planning, research, and careful weighing of facts is over. Now our team must move directly into the prototyping phase where, judging by my past experience with engineering projects, all the hidden... Continue Reading →

What the Customer Needs – Annalise Irby

This week, JetSet delved deep into the mind of our consumer, the high altitude traveller - not such a mysterious place, considering that all four of us have flown on airplanes ourselves. Of course, we can’t rely solely on personal experience from such a homogenous group (adolescent girls); so before our first memo was published,... Continue Reading →

The Problem with Research- Anjali Mani

I am pleased to report that my team, JetSet has finished our first milestone (our first memorandum) without any tears or bloodshed. Now we are ready to move on into the research phase which proceeds our design development, which I am looking forward to. But in the meantime, JetSet has temporarily divided into Biomed and... Continue Reading →

JetSet – Irby, Patel, Simons, Mani

JetSet is ready for takeoff! With the help of our Biomedical Design and Entrepreneurship class, led by our teachers Ms. Miesner and Mrs. Josephson, our team is excited to start designing an innovation that promotes a healthier lifestyle! The mission of our team, JetSet, is to improve air travel comfort and well-being by creating innovative,... Continue Reading →

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