Prototyping – Rachel Zinsmeyer

Hey everyone!  One more blog post from Scarlet this week.  We've spent the past several classes working on modeling and creating our official prototype.  After Savannah and I figured out precisely what dimensions we were working with by sketching out several different views of our design, we started working in AutoCAD Inventor and familiarizing ourselves... Continue Reading →

Thoughts into Reality- Daisy Horr

After successfully gathering numerous amounts of research, patents, and design ideas and executing them into our second Design Proposal, after being consulted with our Bio-medical teacher, receiving both positive and constructive comments, the team has come to the final conclusion to re-modify our original design of a full innovative chair into a more attainable attachable/detachable... Continue Reading →

Time To Get Prototyping! (Newton)

  Last week, Vertabend and everyone else in StarPathDesign began OHSA training. As we continue our training for certification, we've begun the prototyping process. It's amazing to think that by the end of this year, we will have a (hopefully) working model of our neck pillow innovation! To do this, our group has split along... Continue Reading →

Inventing with Inventor- Erin Simons

JetSet has now entered the third major phase of the design process: making. Until the end of the semester we will be ordering materials, modeling our device with 3D modeling software, and building our first prototype (no, not drawing, BUILDING). It’s pretty exciting! I’m especially enthusiastic about this stage of the design process because I... Continue Reading →

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