Disc-Located – Capri J.

In Disc-Located, we have made a lot of suggestions and improvements that will benefit not only our product but our customers as well. We are now getting to our testing stage and this is where our team really started to think about how the device will benefit our customers and how it will stand against... Continue Reading →

One Small Step for Trailerkind – Annalise Irby

This week, our new Trailer Automation team turned in our second round of deliverables, including Erin and Chloe’s fully debugged code for four of our five sensors and my finalized SketchUp layouts. For my part, I created two maps which detail the rough positions of each sensor, one floor and one ceiling view of the... Continue Reading →

Cold, Hard Proof of Concept – Annalise Irby

This week, JetSet divided into two distinct teams, to better tackle our many requirements for the upcoming midterm presentation. The Biomed team, Anjali M. and Isha P., were responsible for creating our Powerpoint presentation; they also gathering photos and images from our blog posts to create a complementary visual display (read more about their adventures... Continue Reading →

Work in Progress……. By: Susette A.C.

Surprise!Comfort4U has changed it's design! During the "Imagine" stage of The Maker Space Process, what Comfort4U had in mind of creating was a chair from scratch. All of our deliverables, brainstorming ideas and energy has been centered around how to create a chair from scratch. Little did we know our final design proposal would change... Continue Reading →

Teachings of OSHA Training – Jada Washington

Buckle Belt is now back from their Thanksgiving break and are ready to dive in to making their prototype. Myself, Jada Washington during Thanksgiving break worked on OSHA Training. OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration which came from Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. During training I have learned that their overall... Continue Reading →

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