Mimicking Sutures and Becoming Business Women – Vania N., OrthoDocs

  Since last having updated on the progress of OrthoDocs, the team has come a long way. At this moment in time there might be many assignments that need to be completed for other classes as well as preparing for any last tests before finals, but our team is still somehow holding ourselves together. In... Continue Reading →

Printing and Sewing, OrthoDocs Tool-Up- Vania N., Zaira R., Apolonia., Brenda V.

At the moment, we are into the 5th six weeks and time is going by fast. These past few weeks have made us more conscious of aspects that our group hadn't thought about, such as other anatomical parts that will be covered/ protected by the protective gear.   Now having in mind how we might... Continue Reading →

Stressed out-Julia Mendoza

This week my team was working on a elbow joint model. My team was originally making a lot of progress until one class period, our model decides to fall apart. The direction we took in making our model was to sculpt out the shape of the hinge joint, almost recreate the bones. We used the... Continue Reading →

Who Wants a Library? (Karrie N.)

Hi! It's Karrie from formerly Vertabend. As my teammate Jordan put it in her fabulous pun, we've switched spines. Get it? From spinal cords to the spines of books? (I'm not going to be over this one for a long time, so just bear with me). So our Vertabend team has dismantled slightly--now it's just... Continue Reading →

Modeling by Libertad E.

If we thought 3D modeling all the individual pieces was hard assembling them on Autodesk Inventor and in real life is another challenge in the Maker Cycle journey. While Jessica and I were making the individual pieces together I was worried that when it came to assemble them together in Inventor that they would not... Continue Reading →

Cold, Hard Proof of Concept – Annalise Irby

This week, JetSet divided into two distinct teams, to better tackle our many requirements for the upcoming midterm presentation. The Biomed team, Anjali M. and Isha P., were responsible for creating our Powerpoint presentation; they also gathering photos and images from our blog posts to create a complementary visual display (read more about their adventures... Continue Reading →

Taking the Next Steps By Yuvia Ruiz

Greetings! This week has been great success personally I believe our group has accomplished and establish ground of what our next steps will be. Although we haven't exactly started our prototype do to material delays we seem to have everything under control. As the team leader I don't believe we should be stressing out and... Continue Reading →

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