Chapter 1: Begley’s Bombshell-Heather B.

When I first read chapter one, it made me realize that just because "It's science" and "Scientists discovered this and that" it's not always right at all times. It made me realize that were all human and that we all make mistakes, scientists are make mistakes just like any of us like in Begly'S Bombshell... Continue Reading →

Prove me wrong-Leia P.

Chapter 6,Jumping to Conclusions, focuses mainly on the current study on Ovarian cancer and how results are determined using the p-value. Baggerly had two groups of women, 50 who had ovarian cancer and 50 who did not. The goal at the time was was to see if there were any differentiating patterns among the proteins... Continue Reading →

Wrong Animal Model -Charlen P.

In chapter 4, Mislead By Mice I learned many important concepts when it come to treating, experimenting, testing with mice. Although they're not very accurate when it comes to see how it affect a human after being tested on a mice, scientist still continued this method. Although some scientists have expressed uncertainty and recognized the... Continue Reading →

Quick and Easy-Ilianna N

After reading chapter 6 Jumping to conclusions I realized that the National institute of Health or the NIH  and FDA or the Food and Drug Association has to do with almost everything, the snacks we eat and the medical tests the doctors offices and hospital have to offer. Such as the one that will detect... Continue Reading →

Chapter 5 -Kaitlyn L.

Chapter five of Rigor Mortis talks about breast cancer and in vitro fertilization, and how some cells have been or could be contaminated and /or mislabeled. The information which surprised me the most about this chapter was the fact that a form of breast cancer cells labeled MDA-MB-435 actually was not breast cancer, but melanoma cancer;... Continue Reading →

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