A different view- Alicia L.

After completing the introduction and chapter one, I realized that even scientists can turn a blind eye to the fact that not all information that is said to be true, is actually true. I understand that it's easy to use what they already have and work off of that and that money is limited, but... Continue Reading →

Research Errata – Lanna A

After reading the short introduction to Richard Harris's Rigor Mortis, the least I can say is that I was surprised (No, this is not the Richard Harris who played Professor Dumbledore in the first two Harry Potter movies). I did not realize how fact-based the PREFACE of this novel would be, nor the beginning chapter. The... Continue Reading →

The Reproduceibility Crisis- Eleanor J

The first thing that caught my eye and surprised me while reading the first chapter of the book Rigor Mortis, is how the author made it clear to the reader that research is key. For example, the author, Richard Harris, included many sections with statistics that he not only went into depth about but also cited.... Continue Reading →

“Shocked by the facts” – Lila H.

After reading the introduction of Richard Harris’s “Rigor Mortis”, I was pretty much insulted, flabbergasted and in a way I felt betrayed. I am more than grateful that Richard Harris decided to shine a light on a subject most of us probably don’t have floating around in our heads, but this should be a topic... Continue Reading →

Path to my future-Esmeralda R.

Hello, my name is Esmeralda R. For my high school pathway, I decided to choose the biomedical pathway. The reason I chose it was because as I grew up, I've always looked up to my mom as an inspiration.She would always be studying biology, anatomy, physiology, and etc.The work and time she put in, inspired... Continue Reading →

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