Chapter 1 -Cyanna M.

After I was finished reading the very first chapter in Rigor Mortis, I realized science isn’t always right or accurate. Sometimes it’s just the exact opposite. A lot of scientists make mistakes just as any other person does in the world and it could sometimes probly be harder for them as they are trying to... Continue Reading →

Introduction -Cyanna M.

Hi, my name is Cyanna M. Or as most know me by CeCe. I am looking forward this year in biomed to learning more about the human body or more in depth of how certain parts of our body work and what thier function is or what were to happen if one stops working maybe... Continue Reading →

Not everything is perfect-Valerie G

After reading chapter one of Rigor Mortis i realized that science isnt perfect. Its everything but perfect. The research that Scientist want us to believe is perfect and uncomplicated is actually not that advanced at all, between 1950 and 1980 scientist have made more progress with their research than they have in the last three... Continue Reading →

All in the Funding -Madison C.

Chapter 3 of Rigor Mortis is about a disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis but it is more commonly known as ALS. ALS is a disease that affects your nervous system and weakens your muscles, which then affects your physical movement. There have been multiple studies and research trials on ALS to try and find a... Continue Reading →

Misled by Mice

"Slusher said it also soured the pharmaceutical industry on putting too much faith in animal studies." This is a statement from Richards Harris' book Rogor Mortis, chapter 4, in which I strongly agree with. In this chapter, Richard explains numerous experiements I. Which kice, rats, and even monkeys were used for  experimental  tests for later when scientists... Continue Reading →

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