No Such Thing As the Calm Before the Storm by Kayla Z

Growing up as a woman, I have heard time and time again that labor is one of the most excruciating pains known to humankind, a sentiment that Nishi P has repeated in her post Should You Have Trusted Your Doctor 100’s Of Years Ago? when she writes, “I know that pregnancy is one of the... Continue Reading →


Conception to Delivery and Everything in Between – Doron P.

Over the course of this semester I learned that pregnancy is a crazy thing. Sure you've probably heard the stories and myths but there are some truly mind bending facts. For example, on the first day of conception the sperm penetrates the egg and within a matter of hours the Zygote already has 46 chromosomes!... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy 101! – Elie T.

A women is pregnant for 9 months, about 38 weeks. It all begins on day 1, with a zygote- a combined egg and sperm cell. By the first week the cell goes through the Fallopian tube then attaches to the uterine lining and is then called an embryo. The baby (s) begin to from and... Continue Reading →

9 Months- Xochitl D.

What happens between conception and birth? How does your knowledge or pregnancy change your perspective on birth, labor, and delivery? Pregnancy, nine long joyful and painful months. During pregnancy a women undergoes many changes in her body due to the growing fetus. Starting from the  First Trimester (Week 1-12) and ending with the Third Trimester... Continue Reading →

The Final Countdown- Celeste O.

Are you pregnant? Well, if you are congratulations! You are growing another human being inside of you, and depending on how far along you are, you may feel different things and as Nishi and Bella say in their blog post, you may not be ready for a variety of factors. But have you ever wondered... Continue Reading →

The Long Nine Months, Lilly A.

You might be asking, "What happens between conception and delivery?" You and your baby will go through significant changes in that time period. In the first trimester you will most likely experience nausea (morning sickness) due to a change in hormones. People believe that mausea can also be cause by having a sensitivity to certain smells,... Continue Reading →

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