Bad Habits-Yirha.N 

  After reading chapter 6: Jumping To Conclusions, I'm nothing but shocked. I known that there's LOTS of problems going around the world, one big problem is a bad habit that I think we all have which is jumping to conclusions! We all tend to find the easy way out or shall we say “cutting... Continue Reading →

Blindfolded-Yirha N

Sometimes we trust something that is untrustworthy. We are blindfolded, we are unaware of the risk factors behind it. That's something that I learned after reading chapter 5: Trusting the untrustworthy. “...unaware that they were actually HeLa, at an estimated cost of more than $100 million.” (Pg.96) In this chapter Dr.Nina Desai and her colleagues... Continue Reading →

New Generation-Yirha N

Hi my name is Yirha N next year I'm going to be a sophomore, I'm so excited for next year biomed! I chose biomed as my pathway because I wanted to learn more about the human body and how it works. I'm really not into Science or medicine but I wanted to try something new,... Continue Reading →

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