The truth about animal experiments – Ariana D (CHP 4)

So far, reading Rigor Mortis by Richard Harris has changed my P.O.V, on many topics.  On this particular chapter it changed how I viewed animal testing.  I knew that in some cases, animals are mistreated during experiments. However, it makes me feel safer when trying out something new, knowing that it has been tested before... Continue Reading →

Why are millions of dollars going to waste on false research?-Ariana D (CHP 3)

Many of you have probably heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge. You have probably seen YouTube videos of them and of course "Ice Bucket Challenge Fail" is one of the many "funny" videos that have gone viral.  Celebrities joined in and the challenge began to take over social media.  However, how many of you know... Continue Reading →

A stiff beginning -Ariana D (Intro/CHP 1)

As soon as I opened Richards Harris's book, I had come to a shocking realization. Harris was stating about how far technology has advanced yet no "real" advances have been made on diseases like, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer's,e.t.c. "When you read about advances in medicine, it often seems like long-awaited breakthroughs are just around the corner... Continue Reading →

Finding new discoveries-Ariana D.

Hello, my name is Ariana. This year for biomed, I hope to learn about the new ways that scientist are finding to battle pathogenic diseases. I choose the biomed pathway because to me, science has always been an interesting topic to learn about. It also helps me prepare for the job I want. An interesting... Continue Reading →

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