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Hello guys we have come back with a progress video we struggled but we believe in progress and we will get better! Hope you enjoy and we will get back soon with more details. Thank you for taking time to view our video and have a great day. Our Video

Finding Solutions-Vanessa M.

Hello my name is Vanessa and I am part of the group BeLieVE joined with Bella, Lilly, and Enalisa. For our project we have partnered with the Pregnancy and Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas which focuses on trying to make awareness of maternal mental health and more specifically perinatal mood disorders. We are also working... Continue Reading →

A journey through pregnancy-Vanessa M.

Pregnancy is something that a mother looks forward to when they discover they are pregnant. It becomes a long waiting process from conception to birth. Many exiting things occur during these 9 months to the fetus while it is in the belly. Learning the process of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester changed my perspective... Continue Reading →

5 women 1 bed -Vanessa M.

As I continue reading through the book I began to think, about how women regularly use to deliver their babies at their homes. So I asked myself a new question what did it look like when women begain to deliver in the hospitals? In the book it explained how in the seventeenth century a hospital called... Continue Reading →

Life and Death -Vanessa M.

In the early 1800's Dr.Bertha Van Hoosen realized many pregnant woman were getting sick. She discovered that the whole hospital had childbed fever  this fever occurred when the mother gave birth and a couple of days after the mother would eventually die (not every mother got it.) Childbed fever is more criminal than crime. (53) Before discovering bacteria they... Continue Reading →

Technological Change in Time -Vanessa M.

Starting the book has been a challenge but it has been interesting to read things that I didn't know before about childbirth. In the introduction it begins to talk about the ways technology has changed in the late nineteen to twenty centuries. The book quotes Birth went from home to hospital, from drug-free to drugs on... Continue Reading →

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