Not everything is perfect-Valerie G

After reading chapter one of Rigor Mortis i realized that science isnt perfect. Its everything but perfect. The research that Scientist want us to believe is perfect and uncomplicated is actually not that advanced at all, between 1950 and 1980 scientist have made more progress with their research than they have in the last three... Continue Reading →

Questions to be answered-Valerie G

Hi my name is Valerie and I choose the bio med pathway because I am very interested in how medicine affects our bodies and if the medicine that's supposed to help our bodies are actually causing more damage to us rather than helping.Next year in bio med I hope to learn more about each organ... Continue Reading →

The little mistakes-Valerie G

In 2002 researchers from the FDA (food and drug administration) and the NIH national institutes of health created a new test that would allow them to detect ovarian cancer in an easier and safer way. The test would allow people to avoid getting surgery just to rule out the possibility of cancer.This test was such... Continue Reading →

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