Where are we now? Project Update -Team GOAL

The past few week Team G.O.A.L has been hard at work to improve the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center's Mentorship Program by becoming more passionate on the subject and making steps to find resources for returning mothers that are dependent on the APRC and their resources. Click Here to watch our update video.

The More You Research, The More You Know – Truc.L

       As we wait for feedback and suggestions from our partner organization [Austin Pregnancy Resource Center], our team (G.O.A.L) began researching on areas such as Nutrition, Housing, Employment, Education, Health (mental and physical), Citizenship, Governmental Benefits, and Safe Places (for domestic violence and LGBTQ issues). Through a random selection, I got to research... Continue Reading →

More Options- Truc L

It is really surprising to see how C-section used to be a risky operation. In the past, C-section was something that was equal to death. “If she ‘does not respond to penetrating odors, is ice-cold, without a pulse, looks collapsed and pale as death, and if her breath leaves no traces on a mirror” (157).... Continue Reading →

“Women deserved pain”, Oh My! -Truc L.

"Women deserved pain" (1). My lower jaw drops reading this sentence. The book starts with Eve the first pregnant woman; she was cursed by God for eating forbidden after. God told her, "I greatly multiply your pain childbearing; in pain, you shall bring forth children" (1). This idea sets a mindset for women giving birth... Continue Reading →

Wake Up! Rise and shine everyone, summer is in four days. Biomed this year was great, I enjoy every moment of it. Yes, even the stress from tests and quizzes. I'm happy that I was able to learn a lot about the human body and its functions. It was really interesting to learn about the different... Continue Reading →

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