Excluding the Ethical -Fatima R.

It's twisted to know that sloppy, not fully thought out labs constantly take an advantage to more precise, carefully crafted ones in the world of science. The harsh truth that the entire "A Broken Culture" chapter brought to light was one that took me by surprise. I had read about sloppy science in previous chapters,... Continue Reading →

The Best for Breast Cancer Studies -Fatima R.

Before reading chapter five of Rigor Mortis, "Trusting the Untrustworthy", I had no idea that inaccuracies in cell lines and antibodies was a real issue faced in the world of research and study. Although it was easy to wrap my head around the idea of these type of mistakes as a possibility during experiments, I never... Continue Reading →

Declined Development and False Findings – Fatima R.

Something I found the surprising while reading the intro and first chapter of Rigor Mortis was the decline of newly invented medications in the health world.. "We're already experiencing a slowdown in progress, especially in biomedicine. By Casadevall's reckoning, medical researchers made much more progress between 1950 and 1980 than they did in the following... Continue Reading →

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