It Doesn’t Pay to Be Right. -Raven W.

Throughout reading chapter eight, I have come to a realization that the research journals, and papers that have gone out for everyone to read, most likely has wrong information and many aren't doing anything about it. This not only confuses me but also makes me question, what have I been reading and who let this happen?... Continue Reading →

The Failure of The Experimenter- Raven W.

“It can take many years for good ideas to rise to the top, and bad ideas to drift to the Bottom.” (Chapter 2,page 33) When I first read that quote, I thought it was one of the most accurate quotes based about this topic that I have ever read. Let me explain why of course.... Continue Reading →

My future with Biomed -Raven W.

Hi! My name is Raven W. I chose the biomed pathway because in the future, I would like to pursue a career that has to do with science and biology type subjects. Not only that but science has always been interesting to me in very many ways because of all the information we learn and... Continue Reading →

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