Root of the Problem – Sandra M.

When most people try to figure out where they went wrong the usually retrace their steps. It is the logical thing to do. That is exactly what some scientist are doing now. They know there is a problem with they way research is being gathered and they are trying to make it better. Everyone likes... Continue Reading →

” ‘It looks beautiful. It’s convincing. Pictures don’t lie’ ” Sandra M

Scientist could do nothing wrong in my book. Lab coats were basically the equivalent of a superhero cape. After reading my classmate's blog post and reading my own assigned chapter my perspective of scientist has changed. They are no longer wear the white hat. “...the high pressure of competition can tempt even the best scientist... Continue Reading →

Corrupt research-Sandra M

Hi my name is Sandra M. I hope to learn about medicinal research and how corruption has played a roll in final data. Im also intrigued to find out how bad incorrect data has been able to make its way out. Im also interested in how they test products on poor innocent animals. Although I... Continue Reading →

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