Eleanor J- A Pressured Industry

This week while reading the chapter A Broken Culture from the book Rigor Mortis, I learned about the sacrifices you must take when entering this risky business, and the pressure of publishing research and collecting data for scientific journals. One of the things I found most interesting about the chapter was how many editors and... Continue Reading →

Nice Mice- Eleanor J

This week I read about the chapter Mishaps of Mice from the book Rigor Mortis. This chapter was especially interesting for me because I have always wondered about the accuracy of the use of animals for drug testing, and this was a great chapter for me to read. The chapter answered a lot of my... Continue Reading →

The Reproduceibility Crisis- Eleanor J

The first thing that caught my eye and surprised me while reading the first chapter of the book Rigor Mortis,¬†is how the author made it clear to the reader that research is key. For example, the author, Richard Harris, included many sections with statistics that he not only went into depth about but also cited.... Continue Reading →

Following my Path

My name is Eleanor J, and I am so excited to be moving onto 10th grade biomed. I joined this pathway¬†going to into 9th grade, because I wanted to be able to expand my knowledge on the science in my community and beyond. This year, I hope to learn more about the technology in biomedical... Continue Reading →

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