Helping Our Community! -Silex

When babies are born less than 32 weeks or 1800 grams, they qualify for donor breastmilk acceptance. According to a study by The Connecticut Human Milk Research Center, African American women with babies in the NICU give permission for their babies to receive donated breast milk 47.4% of the time, while white women accept, 71.8%... Continue Reading →

Silex-Go On A Mission To The Solution! -Alexis and Sierra (Silex)

We got the idea of our solution from our teacher who had brought up how we could make a social media page. Since the Mother's Milk Bank already has an instagram page, we thought it would be smart if we just made posts for the MMB to incorporate on their instagram page. Hopefully you all... Continue Reading →

Our Journey to the Solution- Sierra G.

I am Sierra and my partner is Alexis and together we are Silex. We have teamed up with The Mother’s Milk Bank to help increase African-American breast milk acceptance. At this moment, African-American women are not accepting the breast milk that holds key nutrients for the development of their baby. We are planning to solve... Continue Reading →

Saving A Life One Percent At A Time

Have you ever wondered how you could help save a life? Well, we are here to tell you that you can save a life by simply spreading awareness. We are Sierra G and Alexis M. Two biomedical students working to increase acceptance rates for African-American breast milk. Imagine how much of a difference can be... Continue Reading →

In Full Bloom- Sierra

Get Me Out is a book written by Randi Hutter Epstein that discusses the journey from when a mother conceives to when the mother gives birth to the baby. The author discusses how you can deliver a baby (i.e a midwife, doctor, etc) and how babies were dealt with in hospitals. Get Me Out describes all there... Continue Reading →

Get Me To The End- Sierra

As I finished reading the last sections of Get Me Out by Randi Hutter Epstein, I found myself thinking long and hard about certain topics that were discussed in the book. The section that I found most interesting was section 4. Section 4 was a very short section but very, very informative. This section consisted of... Continue Reading →

Hi! My name is Sierra. I like to think that I'm a pretty unique person. I play volleyball, basketball, and just started running track this year. I also love anything art related. I love clay, paint (acrylic and tempera), color pencils, charcoal, and pretty much anything else. I also love music. My favorite female artists... Continue Reading →

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