Misled by Mice

"Slusher said it also soured the pharmaceutical industry on putting too much faith in animal studies." This is a statement from Richards Harris' book Rogor Mortis, chapter 4, in which I strongly agree with. In this chapter, Richard explains numerous experiements I. Which kice, rats, and even monkeys were used for  experimental  tests for later when scientists... Continue Reading →

Where is Our Money going? – Serena A.

"ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" a term everyone as heard of by now. Back in 2014 a famous challenge went viral on the internet in which millions of people took part in, but many people were unaware of what "ALS" actually stood for and were doing the challenge for fun and to cool off from that... Continue Reading →

Reasons why – Serena A.

Hi my name is Serena. I am here to tell you that there are more than just two simples reasons as to why I chose biomed as my pathway to stick with all throughout my high school career. First off, biomed is by far one of my favorite classes. When I first walked into the... Continue Reading →

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