Executive Summary -Prisila S.

A single mother of 3 children walked into Austin Pregnancy Resource Center (APRC) with nothing. Not even support. The death of her brother and the unpleasant relationship she had with her mother had her feeling hopeless. There are many cases like this where mothers don’t have the resources necessary to raise their children, so they... Continue Reading →

APRC Update -Prisila S.

Hello, welcome back to my blog, my name is Prisila. My group members are Claudia and Crystal. We are working with the Austin pregnancy Resource Center (APRC)with the reorganization of their resource closet. Today,  I will be updating y’all on the progress of our DAP project.  It gets quite difficult at times, but when we... Continue Reading →

Sperm and Egg Donation -Prisila S.

For the last part of Get Me Out: A History of Childbirth, I read about sperm and egg (embryo) donation. Although this is not an innovation, it has been perfected over time. It also has many benefits. Sperm and egg donation have helped same-sex couples have children with their DNA. Instead of having to adopt,... Continue Reading →

Advances for Birth Givers -Prisila S.

Childbirth is something amazing and natural, but it is also very painful. When women are giving birth, they are given epidurals and pain killers to help ease the pain of contractions and everything else going on in the body. It was not always this way, though. In the past, women were punished for even asking... Continue Reading →

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