HeLa! by OutKast- Amelia B

Can you imagine how it would feel to be working on a very important project for months, only to find that the entire basis for this project was wrong? This has happened to countless researchers trying to potentially understand a certain type of cell or even find cures for cancer. All of these experiments have... Continue Reading →

Misuse of Mice- Amelia B

“Imagine that I was testing a new drug to help control nausea in pregnancy, and I suggested to the FDA that I tested it purely on thirty-five-year-old white women all in one small town in Wisconsin with identical husbands, identical homes, identical diets which I formulate, identical thermostats that I've set, and identical IQs. And... Continue Reading →

The REality of REsearch- Amelia B

This introductory chapter, Begley’s Bombshell, really captured my attention and really raised my excitement to read this book. I had honestly never thought of the biomedical industry as an entity of actual people who may not have a perfect work ethic. The media representation of the medical field had shown me that everyone was in... Continue Reading →

Amelia B’s Introductory Post

Hello world! My name is Amelia B. I chose the BioMed pathway because I have, within the past two or three years, found myself very interested in the Biomedical field. In the future I would like to see myself in a medical profession and I feel that this pathway is my best chance to get... Continue Reading →

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