Jumping to conclusion (ch.6)- Jenaya P.

 I read chapter 6 of Rigor Mortis "Jumping to the conclusion" and I read about the ovarian cancer detector that was made and how it had eventually turned into a test. After reading this chapter I did research and according to Oasis of Hope Hospital, 1 out of 75 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer... Continue Reading →

It’s hard even on the good days (ch.2)-Jenaya P.

British philosopher Francis Bacon formalized the scientific method: "make a hypothesis, devise a test, gather data, analyze and rethink, and ultimately draw a broader conclusion.(pg.30-31)" Which we all use now when creating any experiment. Whatever it may be either at school or work. But in the book, scientists discovered how cancer is sort of formed... Continue Reading →

Rigor Mortis Intro/Chapter 1- Jenaya P.

I was reading Richard Harris intro of his book Rigor Mortis I came upon a very instering fact relating to disease treatments many offering just marginal benefits. (pg.3) " I had done a little reasearch on how many diseases or viruses are discovered durning different time periods. And it turns out according to workd health... Continue Reading →

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