Pregnancy- Andrea H-A.

What happens between conception and birth? What happens in the first trimester? The first month of pregnancy is said to be the hardest but the most exciting. You begin with morning sickness and nausea but guess what you're going to have a baby! It all starts when the sperm enters and meets the egg in... Continue Reading →

Get me in…-Andrea H

Hey Bio Med students, my name is Andrea I am 15 years old. I am currently a sophmore and I am in biomed because it's a class that seemed interesting and i knew it was a challenging class and I though it could benefit me. In my spare time when I am not doing homework... Continue Reading →

Birth Defects-Andrea H

Case Summary: Should women abort babies with birth defects? Women all over the world are getting pregnant, when they decide to have a baby with their life partner they are prepared to take responsibility of the child and all that comes with it. Their is always a chance that your baby might come out with... Continue Reading →

Slavery Used As a Tool – Andrea

When I was reading chapter 1-3 Slaves Contribution To Gynecology I was astonished on how men back then thought it was okay to use slaves as their test subjects in experimenting new ways to help childbirth. I believe that a women no matter her race, color, or ethnicity has a right to what happens to... Continue Reading →

Opinions Change- Andrea. H

Before reading this book I didn’t know much about pregnancy the only thing I know is what I was told about and what I knew about wasn't much. This book taught me about the history of birth and the technologies that were in the early 1500’s and about all the pain and suffering all the... Continue Reading →

Childbirth Over Time- Andrea H.

In the early 1500’s women weren't allowed to get pain medicine especially women of higher class. Women back then had access to all types of information about sex contraception and everything to know about pregnancies so women were well informed. When women started giving birth in the early 1500’s they suffered through the worst pain... Continue Reading →

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