Lets Take Tissue Samples!

In chapter nine: The Challenge of Precision Medicine, a pathologist at Massachusetts General Hospital named Carolyn Compton dealt with the removal of a colon. During this process, they discovered ┬áthat tissue collection and preservation show some trouble for the biomedical research. The anesthesia used in the operating room can affect them, and the molecules can... Continue Reading →

Are You Using HeLa?

While I was reading chapter 5: Trusting The Untrustworthy, a woman named Nina Desai and her colleagues created a new tool that is used to produce test-tube babies. They had planned to use this tool to be provided as growth factors for human embryos to help infertile couples conceive. She reported that the procedure treated... Continue Reading →

Are Doctors Wasting Resources?

In chapter one of Rigor Mortis by Richard Harris, I learned that scientists and there studies are not always right and what gets published is wrong. In Begley's paper, he says that scientist make mistakes and that their mistakes and errors are actually very common and many scientist don't even realize that they are making... Continue Reading →


Hello, my name is Mariana C. This year in my biomed class I hope to learn about different diseases and the effects that they have on the human body. I also hope to learn about cancer and different studies of it and learn how it develops in the body. I chose to be in the... Continue Reading →

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