All in the Funding -Madison C.

Chapter 3 of Rigor Mortis is about a disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis but it is more commonly known as ALS. ALS is a disease that affects your nervous system and weakens your muscles, which then affects your physical movement. There have been multiple studies and research trials on ALS to try and find a... Continue Reading →

Goodman and Ioannidis -Madison C.

Chapter ten, “Inventing a Discipline”, in the book Rigor Mortis, by Richard Harris, is about a man by the name of Steve Goodman and his research on research. Steve Goodman spent a majority of his career trying to figure out where scientists and doctors were going wrong with all of their medical research. In this... Continue Reading →

Staphylococcus -Madison C.

Hi my name is Madison C. I decided that I wanted to be in biomed in 7th grade, when we started to learn about pathogens in Ms.Deeter’s PLTW class. At that time I had my heart set on media tech, but then I got an assignment to research staphylococcus and the rest is history. I’m... Continue Reading →

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