The Long Nine Months, Lilly A.

You might be asking, "What happens between conception and delivery?" You and your baby will go through significant changes in that time period. In the first trimester you will most likely experience nausea (morning sickness) due to a change in hormones. People believe that mausea can also be cause by having a sensitivity to certain smells,... Continue Reading →

Race and class- Lilly A.

I believe that race and class has a lot to do with the childbearing scene. Black women have a higher infant mortality rate than any other race. Whites, have the least infant mortality rate than any other race. Race not only affects the mortality rate of children, but as well as other things such as... Continue Reading →

Here I come – Lilly A.

Hello, My name is Lilly, and I am currently in 9th grade in the bio med pathway. So far I really enjoy it because it is interesting to learn about all the different body parts and diseases that could happen.I am very excited to read this years summer reading book. The reason I am so excited... Continue Reading →

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