Really? Jumping to conclusions -Lila H

While reading chapters six of Rigor Morris, "jumping to conclusions" I found that jumping to conclusions is a big factor of mistakes made while doing research. Scientists and researchers tend to jump to conclusions once one test works successfully on a study. They aren't always thoroughly checking to make sure there are no bumps in... Continue Reading →

MIserable MIce by Lila H

  Chapter four of Rigor Mortis goes through the mistakes made in research when using animals, in particular, mice. I know that using mice for research is common but I don't understand how it works. First of all mice are many many many times smaller than human beings and their reactions to drugs and substances... Continue Reading →

“Shocked by the facts” – Lila H.

After reading the introduction of Richard Harris’s “Rigor Mortis”, I was pretty much insulted, flabbergasted and in a way I felt betrayed. I am more than grateful that Richard Harris decided to shine a light on a subject most of us probably don’t have floating around in our heads, but this should be a topic... Continue Reading →

biomed summer 2k17 – Lila H.

Hi there! My name is Lila H. I'm ready to start 10th grade biomed. I chose this pathway because there are so many interesting facts and studies about us as people and how our bodies and minds work. Just this past year in biomed the immensity of curriculum and knowledge I have gained is incredible and I... Continue Reading →

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