Since we started our D.A.P project a lot has happened and many decisions have been made. We, the METACHICKS were quite confused as in the direction we were heading, we didn't really know what it was that we wanted to create to help mothers  that suffer from perinatal mental health and the organization, The Pregnancy... Continue Reading →

The Pregnant truth by Litzy S

Besides the mother's belly growing, other changes  also occur inside and outside the mother's body. Mother's stomach and lungs become compressed making harder to breathe and eat larger meals and not to mention the nausea and trouble sleeping but its all part of this amazing journey called pregnancy.  When becoming pregnant most women don't really... Continue Reading →

Not easy – Litzy S.

Throughout the years many things have changed, a lot of things have progressed And the world is changing one step at a time or is it? When I first started reading the book Get me out written by Randi Hutter Epstein I had no idea of what it was like for women back then, I... Continue Reading →

Summer not so bummer – Litzy Santana

Hello! I’m Litzy and I’m a freshman in the ARS and I'm in the biomedical pathway.This summer I have the honor of reading this book for my pathway, which I’m really excited for. When most people ask me why I chose the biomedical pathway I usually don't know what to answer, only that I'm interested... Continue Reading →

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