The Frightening Bias In Science – Lily D.

Chapter two talked about many different things that can effect a scientific experiment. One thing though that really intrigued me was when Richard Harris was talking about scientists being biased in their work.   “David Chavalaris and John Ioannidas cataloged 235 forms of bias.” (page 41). Whenever I read this for the first time I... Continue Reading →

The Price We Pay – Lily D.

“Scientist often face a starch choice: they can do what's best for medical advancement by adhering to the rigorous standards of science, or they can do what they perceive is necessary to maintain a career in the hypercompetitive environment of academic research.” (page # 3)All though this sounds horrible, it makes sense. I think that... Continue Reading →

Shooting for the Stars – Lily D.

Hello I am Lily and I have joined the biomedical pathway because it has always been my dream to become a doctor. I love helping people, but I also love learning about how the body works. This year I loved the infectious disease unit because I like to know about how things like the common... Continue Reading →

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