Sharing is caring, except I don’t care -Leia P.

Chapter 7 went over a few things consisting of genome research, ALS, results from experiments not being able to be reproduced, and how many scientists believe that their very valuable research should not be shared with others. Even though they could potentially lead to a cure. "Simply increasing transparency could go a long way toward... Continue Reading →

Prove me wrong-Leia P.

Chapter 6,Jumping to Conclusions, focuses mainly on the current study on Ovarian cancer and how results are determined using the p-value. Baggerly had two groups of women, 50 who had ovarian cancer and 50 who did not. The goal at the time was was to see if there were any differentiating patterns among the proteins... Continue Reading →

Hey There! – Leia P.

Hi! My name is Leia P. I chose the biomed pathway because when I grow up I want to become a forensic pathologist. I was really hoping that choosing this pathway would help me get ready for when I take courses in the biomedical field in college. It would help me learn the basics so... Continue Reading →

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