Brainy Bunch’s Executive Summary

Our names are Karla and Ashwara and we are called the Brainy Bunch for our knowledge and creativity! Our goal is to help mothers have a comfortable experience while doing yoga and relieve discomforts in their body. We are excited to work with Austin Prenatal Yoga to ensure that mothers are doing yoga without discomforts... Continue Reading →

Brainy Bunch Makes Progress! -Karla. Ru

Hello everyone! My name is Karla. R, and I'm here to update you all on the progress the Brainy Bunch has been making on our DAP Prenatal Yoga Project. Let me just tell you, there’s been quite a bunch. From the decision making of our final idea, to the actual building of the prop. We... Continue Reading →

Brainy Bunch Makes Process!

Hello! Our names are Karla Ruiz and Ashwara Pillai and we are called the Brainy Bunch. We have chosen the path of prenatal yoga because we want to help the mothers that brought us into this world and encourage them to stay mentally and physically healthy while they are nurturing the beautiful new life inside... Continue Reading →

Before You Show It -Karla Ru

Fetal development is a very specific topic with a lot of numbers for many different aspects. The basic facts of pregnancy is that it lasts about 9 months, and comes with a lot of physical changes in the mother’s body. It all starts with conception-also known as “The Birds and The Bees”- when vagina allows... Continue Reading →

Say What You Mean -Karla.Ru

When woman first heard about the term “Natural Birth”, they thought that it was such a crazy thing to think about. Who would want to endure all of the pain and suffering of childbirth? Not woman in the 1950’s. Although the French film wasn't exactly the first time woman heard of natural birth, they reacted... Continue Reading →

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