Why Everything is Important – Kerrisa L.

When beginning to read chapter 9 of Rigor Morris I immediately come to the realization of how much help and fixing the Biomedical Field needs. Richard Harris quotes Carolyn Compton, who is a Pathologist, to explain how unstructured some of the processes in the field are. Carolyn Compton said “A big colon gets put into... Continue Reading →

Money isn’t grown on trees – Kerrisa L.

In the very first part of Chapter Three called A Bucket of Cold water, Richard Harris gives a quick background and explanation on what exactly Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is, or what's better known as ALS. In 2014 the Ice Bucket. Challenge was created to educate the public about the unfortunate truth of ALS. Not only... Continue Reading →

Releasing the truth – Kerrisa L.

After reading only one chapter of Rigor Mortis, I have been introduced to this new world where science is not as perfect as I had originally thought. In one of the first lines of the book Richard Harris says “Each year about a million biomedical studies are published in the scientific literature. And many of... Continue Reading →

A Lifetime- Kerrisa L.

Hi! My name is Kerrisa L. Last year in eighth grade I decided to join the BioMed pathway, because since I was a young kid I have always wanted a job in the Medical field. The World of medicine has always interested me because my Uncle, and my aunt both worked in Hospitals. Getting to... Continue Reading →

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