Chapter 5 -Kaitlyn L.

Chapter five of Rigor Mortis¬†talks about breast cancer and in vitro fertilization, and how some cells have been or could be contaminated and /or mislabeled. The information which surprised me the most about this chapter was the fact that a form of breast cancer cells labeled MDA-MB-435 actually was not breast cancer, but melanoma cancer;... Continue Reading →

Chapter 3 -Kaitlyn L.

Chapter three of the book Rigor Mortis by Richard Harris explained Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS); and the steps scientists missed while performing procedures to try and find a cure for the disease. The information which surprised me the most in this chapter was how precise everything has to be. There are so many important variables... Continue Reading →

Back to life! -Kaitlyn L.

Hi! My name is Kaitlyn L. A story by Richard Harris on NPR that I found interesting was about regulations and policies for treating sepsis because I was surprised by the fact that ¬†the protocol for such a life threatening disease could possibly be ineffective. I am interested in finding effective cures for life threatening... Continue Reading →

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