In Between Nine Months-Nayeli E.

During the summer we all read the book Get Me Out by Randy Hutter Epstein, In that book we got a Brief introduction to the history of pregnancy. Through out these four months we have learned the details of what happens during pregnancy. When I first read the book I was like oh wow I did... Continue Reading →

Picturing Health

Women who had c-section and wanted to give birth through the birth canal had a surgical team immediately. “She told women to starve during pregnancy to prevent the pooch, otherwise called a pregnant belly. She told women to smoke, drink high balls, and minimize the calcium so the baby’s bones would be soft and slide... Continue Reading →

Innocent to Mature- Nayeli E.

I like that they had an easier way to deliver babies called Dammerschlaf or twilight sleep in Germany it  was a type of drug that put them into a woozy forgetfulness trance during the birth of the child. “Ms. Stephanie coontz said that women were going out with men without chaperons, bobbing their hair, smoking... Continue Reading →

Guessing in Medicine?- Nayeli E.

I found it interesting that healthcare was a combination of philosophy and  medicine because men wrote books about the birthing process instead of women who I suppose, knew more about the process and subject than men.Male doctors wouldn't even look to see what they were doing to the female or the baby while she was... Continue Reading →

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