Little Mice Lies – Jennifer O.

In the 4th chapter of Rigor Mortis the author explains that it is very important for scientists to test that medicine is safe before we take it, this isn’t an easy job and there are a lot of problems with the way scientists are doing it. Before drugs are given to people, scientists have to... Continue Reading →

Fighting ALS -Jennifer O.

From reading chapter 3 of Rigor Mortis, I have learned a lot about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). I did not know much about this disease so I decided to do some research. From an article written by the ALS Association I learned that ALS affects the body’s nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.... Continue Reading →

Chapter 1 – Jennifer O.

I never really questioned what was being told to me but after reading the first chapter of Rigor Mortis, I am starting to think differently. In the first chapter the author Richard Harris is explaining how even scientist can mess up  while doing their job and give us false information. I understand that because we... Continue Reading →

A Future with Biomed -Jennifer O.

Hello my name is Jennifer O. I chose the biomedical pathway because I have always been interested in science. Ever since I started school, my favorite subject has been science because it is always fun to discover new things and be able to find out how things work. I really like biomed because I know... Continue Reading →

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