Cutting corners and committing outright fraud -Jacqueline A.

While reading chapter 8, “A Broken Culture”, of the book Rigor Mortis, I discovered how the research on biomedical science has been completely corrupted throughout many years. Many scientists would rather take the shortest route with less research in order to be the first person to publish research on a specific experiment that has not... Continue Reading →

Messy Misidentified Cell Lines -Jacqueline A.

  Before reading chapter five, "Trusting the Untrustworthy" from Richard Harris'  Rigor Morris, I had absolutely no idea about how inaccurate cell lines and antibodies could be. Cell lines can be misidentified, contaminated and redundant, causing researchers and scientists to stray away from any correct conclusions and end up with false ones. Scientists can be... Continue Reading →

Being the change -Jacqueline A.

Hello! My name is Jacqueline A. I chose the biomedical pathway because I have always been interested in science. All the experiments we did in elementary school were always very interesting and exciting to me and that's when I knew that when I grew up I wanted a job that was related to science. There... Continue Reading →

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