The Metachick’s Executive Summary

Executive Summary   Most of us are tragically familiar with the story of Andrea Yates and her 5 young kids. In 1999, Ms. Yates was diagnosed and treated for postpartum depression after the birth of her fourth child. However, this treatment was not enough, for a mere 3 years later, 6 months after the birth... Continue Reading →

The Beginnings of a Plan -Kayla Z

It’s been an exciting few weeks for the Metachicks when it comes to our DAP Project. Recently, we’ve been making a lot of really solid progress in terms of laying down not only our plan for the physical art piece that we’re designing to be created at the Pregnancy and Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas’s... Continue Reading →

To Trust or Not To Trust -Kayla Z

One of the things that continues to shock me while reading Get Me Out! is the amount of trust women had in their doctors and the lack of concern they had for the things they were putting into their body while pregnant. After finishing section 3 of this book and reading about the horrible consequences... Continue Reading →

A Strange Idea of Feminism By Kayla Z.

If there is one thing I noticed while reading section two of Get Me Out! it’s the conflicting idea of feminism that seeming became very common during the early 1900s. On one hand, leaps and bounds were made for women simply because equality between men and women was suddenly a belief that a majority of... Continue Reading →

Get Me Out… of School! -Kayla Z.

Hello everyone! I'm Kayla Zinsmeyer and I am so excited for this upcoming year in the biomedical pathway. Even before the official 2016-2017 school year starts, we are kicking off the start of the course with a bang by reading Get Me Out- a History of Childbirth by Randi Hutter Epstein.  Hopefully, reading and analyzing... Continue Reading →

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