Wrong Animal Model -Charlen P.

In chapter 4, Mislead By Mice I learned many important concepts when it come to treating, experimenting, testing with mice. Although they're not very accurate when it comes to see how it affect a human after being tested on a mice, scientist still continued this method. Although some scientists have expressed uncertainty and recognized the... Continue Reading →

Shocking Truths- Charlen P.

The book "Rigor Mortis" started out with, " It was one of those things that everybody knew but was too polite to say", immediately it grabbed my attention. In the first chapter I learned how blunt the author is starting with the first sentence about the common danger in truth. This book taught me that... Continue Reading →

Changing The Future- Charlen P.

Hello! My name is Charlen P. I chose the biomed pathway because I am interested going into the medical field from college. Not sure which career to take yet but I was thinking maybe as a nurse. I also┬áthink that going into biomed is an opportunity to find discover what I could take when I... Continue Reading →

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