Ice cold reality- Karen. P

In chapter 3, the main focus is a disease Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis shortened to ASL but also known as "Lou Gehrig'a disease"  because a famous baseball player was diagnosed with ASL back in the 1930's,  ASL is a disease that western muscles and affects people's physical contact "The first time we met, it was a... Continue Reading →

Ever questioned a scientist work ? Karen. P

After reading the preface and the first chapter of the book "Rigor Mortis" I have realized that our research isn't as advanced as they make us think,I used to think we were close to a cure to Alzheimer's but in reality we haven't really advanced our knowledge since the 1980  "researchers made much more progress... Continue Reading →

A little about me – Karen.P

Hello, I'm Karen Pena and, I'm super excited for this years biomed class; I chose biomed as my pathway because, I want a career in the medical field, not sure on what specifically but the medical field has always obtained my attention. I think the human body is amazing and we will never stop learning... Continue Reading →

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