False Data?? I think so… -Brenda H

After reading the last chapter of Rigor Mortis, “Inventing a Discipline”, I learned about a new type of research. Meta-Research. Now, Meta-Research isn’t the study of Metahumans like on The Flash… The scientists who do Meta-Research basically do research on research. They try to find different ways to make research better which is something I’d... Continue Reading →

Research? Or Luck? -Brenda H

After reading Chapter 6 of Rigor Mortis “Jumping to Conclusions”, I learned about how the experiments scientists were testing had lots of defects such as the small things like microarray chip differences, or air temperature and humidity when a mass spectrometer is running. They discussed how this evidently causes a major effect on the results.... Continue Reading →

Learning Something new!

Hi my name is Brenda H: Next year, I hope to learn more about the human body systems and how our body functions. I find this very interesting because I want to be able to know how my body works. I chose the biomedical science pathway because I think it is the most interesting. I... Continue Reading →

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