Working with Austin Prenatal Yoga! By Hope. C

Hello there! My name is Hope and I am ⅓ of the group H.A.X. We are working with Austin Prenatal Yoga and their  problem is that in their prenatal yoga classes they lack ethnic diversity. Our guiding questions are Why do certain demographic groups participate more in prenatal yoga than others? AND How can we... Continue Reading →

More ethnic diversity in Prenatal Yoga! H.A.X.

Hello there! We are H.A.X. (Hope, Andrea, and Xochitl) and we are working with Austin Prenatal Yoga. The problem we are trying to solve is how can we increase ethnic diversity in prenatal yoga classes at Austin Prenatal Yoga. According to a survey we asked our contact Ms. Young to do at the yoga studio... Continue Reading →

Get Me In…This Class! -Hope

Hey Bio Med students,  My name is Hope Calderon, I am 15 years old and currently a freshman. I love to play volleyball, read, listen to music, write short stories and poems and swim (even thought I can only doggy paddle). You might know me as that girl who is way too loud, or laughs... Continue Reading →

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