Medical Standards Who? -Elizabeth.M

Scientists make discoveries and find new ways to treat and control many diseases. But all these precious medicine comes with many challenges. As Campton told Richard Harris, “There are no national standards for handling tissue in research labs.” In other words the scientist don't have a certain steps or rules to follow during a procedure.... Continue Reading →

The Truth Behind The Ice Bucket Challenge -Elizabeth M.

In summer of 2014, a trend of the ALS Ice Bucket challenge started. People all over the world participated in this challenge. Meanwhile people didn't it for fun, it has a meaning behind it. This challenge was created to raise money and awareness of the ALS disease. According to the ALS Association, more than 17... Continue Reading →

Who can we really trust? – Elizabeth M.

During a doctor's visit, I never questioned the doctors diagnose or their work. But after reading chapter one and the preface of Rigor Mortis by Richard Harris, it has made me think if scientist are really trustworthy? After Richard spilled on how scientist all over the world chose to take the easy route and skip... Continue Reading →

Humans Vs. Mice -Elizabeth M.

Hi, my name is Elizabeth.M:           Next year in bio-med I hope to develop a better understanding of biological and chemical system of the human body. Also I hope to learn more about genetic diseases and how bacteria is becoming resistant to medication over time.          I chose bio-med as my pathway because in the future I... Continue Reading →

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