BeLieVE Executive Summary

BeLieVE Executive Summary   Lakeisha Adams, mother of two; a one year old and a 3 month year old, all of who lived in Louisiana, Lakeisha suffered from postpartum depression. In December of 2005, Lakeisha put 3 month old Jailand in a clothes dryer and turned it on. We want to prevent situations like Lakeisha's... Continue Reading →

We BeLieVE in the Solution. Do You? -Enalisa B.

I am part of the group BeLieVE, Bella, Lilly, Vanessa, and I, Enalisa. We are partnered with the  Pregnancy and Postpartum Mental Health Alliance of Texas. Their goal is to inform women, their families, and professionals about Perinatal Mood Disorders, otherwise known as PMD’s. Throughout the past few weeks, we have identified the problem and... Continue Reading →

BeLieVE in the Solution

On April 27th to April 29th, healthcare providers, doctors, and parents will be attending the Texas Maternal Mental Health and Wellness Conference to learn more about perinatal mental health of adolescent mothers. As of 2014, there have been 249,078 pregnancies of teens between the ages of 15 and 19. 80% of pregnant women have a... Continue Reading →

Thumbelina? Enalisa B.

As I continued reading Get Me Out and as I got to the tail end of it, the story of how childbirth evolved struck me. Things went from having a baby to making a baby and that is somewhat mind boggling. Another thing that I found weird or simply, interesting, is the fact that men... Continue Reading →

Leeches? I Think Not. Enalisa B.

As I continued onto part 2 of Get Me Out: A History of Childbirth, I noticed that there was a reoccurring topic, that topic being childbed fever. Childbed fever is also referred to as puerperal fever, puerperal infection, and postpartum infection. While childbed fever may go by different names, the impact it has had on... Continue Reading →

Midevial Childbirth- Enalisa B.

As I began to read Get Me Out- A History of Childbirth I was completely struck and astonished by the logic behind how to have a baby and the processes and tools used to do so.   What struck me so much was the fact that men were the ones who wrote about childbirth. Seeing,... Continue Reading →

Enalisa 101

I am Enalisa and I am going into my sophomore at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders. I’m in BioMed because medicine and science have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. A few of my aunts died of cancer before they even hit 45, my grandfather... Continue Reading →

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