Metachicks Progress- Doron

The Metachicks are on a roll! So far Kayla, Litzy, and I have identified our problem, contacted many local officials, and decided what we will be doing to help solve our problem. Our problem relates to the topic of perinatal mental health. We decided that we must help educate people of Texas ( Especially lawmakers... Continue Reading →

The last Hoorah!- Doron

The question I will be answering is How has information in this book changed your own views on pregnancy and/or childbearing? My thoughts going into this book were that child birth used to be super dangerous because of the lack of knowledge but in reality women knew a lot of their body. What I thought... Continue Reading →

Blog Post #2- Doron

The question I will be answering today is how have reproductive technology and knowledge of female hormone cycles changed the way the field of medicine approaches childbirth? When a women wants to become pregnant she plans around her cycle. The best time to get pregnant is during ovulation when the lining of uterus is thick and... Continue Reading →

Blog Post # 1 By: Doron

The question I will be responding to is, How has changing technology for childbirth over time affected women in labor? To answer this simply is that its much more complex. There are prenatal vitamins, birthing classes, parenting books , special surgeries, machines and doctors specifically meant for pregnant women so you could say we are more... Continue Reading →

Intro to biomed- Doron

Hello my name is Doron and I am almost a a sophomore in the biomed pathway and I am beyond excited to e learning about childbirth. There are many things I don't know and many things I hope to learn that could help me excel in the biomed class. I know a few things about... Continue Reading →

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