Backstabbing Biomed-Danna M.

  I must say that reading this chapter really opened my eyes to the effects that mistakes could have on more than just your own cause but it can also affect others. Now I wasn't entirely surprised that some Biomedical research is not entirely true and can get mixed up, but I didn't quite acknowledge that... Continue Reading →

Ice Ice Baby-Danna M.

 In chapter 3 of Rigor Mortis it tells about one of the most heartbreaking stories about abysmal experimental design which involves amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)."The search for a treatment for this deadly degenerated disease is rife with studies so poorly designed that they offered nothing more than false hope for people essentially handed death sentence... Continue Reading →

Rigor Around the Rosie-Danna M.

"Simply too much of what's published is wrong."(1 pg.) This is what the author of Rigor Mortis, Richard Harris stated in his Introduction. It took me by surprise from the very beginning. One would think that mostly all of the products of Biomedical sciences and science in general would hold true, but that is not the... Continue Reading →

Immortal-Danna. M.

Hi! My name is Danna M. I choose the Biomed pathway, because I find the biomedical area very fascinating and I always was curious about how the human body works and how overly complicated it all was, but how it somehow seemed to all connect together and work. I was very Inspired by Richard Harris’s... Continue Reading →

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