What is the proper discipline? -Daniela P

With the creation of anything specifically in the biomedical fields I personally believe that if a treatment/product gets out into the public with little to no testing that there should be more consequences and a better discipline for those who clumsily make them and release them in mass quantities into the public. Not only is... Continue Reading →

When jumping watch where you’re landing -Daniela P.

In chapter six, Jumping To Conclusions, of Rigor Mortis's book I have learned that to get a successful outcome you always have to follow through the right procedures and when stumped by a certain failure you have to keep written the part that made the failure in order to find other techniques to get the... Continue Reading →

New Hope -Daniela P.

Hey! My name is Daniela P.  Next year I am looking forward to expanding on our learning and adding on to what we have learned this year in biomed.  I would love to learn more about ways we could help the biomedical field in actually creating cures that will help those in need especially the... Continue Reading →

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