Chapter 1 -Cyanna M.

After I was finished reading the very first chapter in Rigor Mortis, I realized science isn’t always right or accurate. Sometimes it’s just the exact opposite. A lot of scientists make mistakes just as any other person does in the world and it could sometimes probly be harder for them as they are trying to... Continue Reading →

Introduction -Cyanna M.

Hi, my name is Cyanna M. Or as most know me by CeCe. I am looking forward this year in biomed to learning more about the human body or more in depth of how certain parts of our body work and what thier function is or what were to happen if one stops working maybe... Continue Reading →

The power of discipline -Cyanna M

Before you let out any scientific information on anything new your working on you have to make sure you have all the data, research and having done the experiment on someone or something (depending on what it is) first. Letting it out and not knowing what could happen to the people who take it is... Continue Reading →

Wrong path -Cyanna M.

After reading this chapter (chapter 5) I learned a lot of new things and to be honest most of those thing I had never heard of them. I was really interested in how many misunderstood the cell line and antibodies are found to be. Most scientists end up finding out that what they found weren't... Continue Reading →

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